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Who is Kagi?

Kagi is the reseller of buy3dmodels.com and it acts as our sales channel. Kagi is online internet store. Kagi sells products created and manufactured by individuals and groups. When you purchase something from buy3dmodels.com website, you are actually purchasing our products from Kagi, as buy3dmodels.com is the supplier of the products and Kagi is the reseller of our products. With Kagi you are instantly able to buy our products with credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks and money orders from around the world with all the security and safeguards you expect and require.

By purchasing and downloading any of the products listed below you acknowledge that you have read LICENSE AGREEMENT, understand it, and agree to it. If you do not argee to this license agreement you should not purchase and download products from this website.


1. Ownership. The Product Supplier retains copyright on 3d models purchased or downloaded by any 3rd party.
2. Rights Granted. The Product Suplier grants to 3rd party who purchases and download 3d models submited by Product Suplier an non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, royalty-free license to: publicly perform, publicly display, and digitally perform said content
3. Resale. The resale or redistribution by the third party of any 3d model purchased or downloaded from the Product Suplier store is expressly prohibited.


Should you have any questions or problems please do not hesistate to email at contact@buy3dmodels.com


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