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Vanda - 3d Model + Maya rigged version!

Funny and stylized model of a woman. Color map is included in every zip file. The model presented here is not rigged and does not include blendshapes. Take a look at a turnaround movie in quicktime format below.

Features:IK FK switching, smoothing level switcher, weighting, character set, grouped and easy to export, ready for animation. No squash&stretch but very fast for animation. IK spine. Complete set of 21 blendshapes included. Lower teeth with rotation wired via sdk to blendshape value. The facial rig has additional 19 control curves which drives weighted clusters. Eye aim ctrls included and they can be animated separately. Please note this character is meant to make small walk steps, if you want more flexibility with leg movement it probably wont work.

Available in following formats: Maya 7 rigged(.ma) 3d Studio Max, Fbx, Obj, Xsi, Lwo

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