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Guybrush - Full Rigged Maya Model

Cartoon guy, simple geometry, full rigged, 22 blendshapes. Maya version is partially made from nurbs and other formats are made by converting to base poly which can be subdivided to achieve the same result. Model is light and good for posing and animation - it will look great with toon render. For non riged version in other formats click here.

Features: Guybrush full rig, IK FK switching, squash & stretch, additional controllers, low proxy mode, rescaling individual parts with influence objects for animation and reshaping, weighting, character control set, grouped and easy to export, ready for animation. Complete set of 22 blendshapes, lower teeth rotation wired via sdk to blendshape value plus cluster control circle for jaw and mouth movement. Lower teeth parented to cluster ctrl. Eye aim ctrls included and they can be animated separately.

Available in following format: Maya 7 (.ma)

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